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English Space

By: Amy Cheung




「各人要照所得的恩賜彼此服事,作神百般恩賜的好管 家。」《彼得前書4章10節》
“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”(1 Peter 4:10)


Librarians manage the day-to-day running of the library which may be inside schools or in the community.  Librarians choose books and other publications for readers.  They categorize them and assist individuals in locating these materials and resources.  They need to be very knowledgeable in what is appropriate and available for them to purchase for the readers.


1)  Apart from books, can you name one more material you can find in a library?



2) Which of the following words means "locating" in the text?

  1. a) throwing
  2. b) buying
  3. c) finding
  4. d) copying



3) Can you complete the following word which means "appropriate" in the text?

S _ _ t _ _ le


4) Please write the name of the book which you last borrowed from the library?



Answers to the February issue

1) d

2) a

3) Examples are movies and operas

4) Examples are Donna Karen and Tommy Hilfiger




Fashion Designer


「我 們 因 著 信 、 就 知 道 諸 世 界 是 藉   神 話 造 成 的 . 這 樣 、 所 看 見 的 、 並 不 是 從 顯 然 之 物 造 出 來 的 。」《希伯來書11:3》

“By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” (Hebrews 11:3)

Fashion designers design trendy and beautiful clothes for people.  They need to be update in fashion trends and be creative. They may work in companies or as freelance designers.  Some fashion designers design clothes for concerts and special performances.  They may also participate in fashion shows.


1) Which of the following do fashion designers not design?

a) shirts

b) formal suits

c) wedding dresses

d) shoes_____________________________

2) What is the meaning of "freelance" in the text?

a) self-employed

b) highly-paid

c) senior

d) retired ______________________________

3) Some fashion designers work for special performances, such as a drama. Can you name one more example of such performances?______________________________

4) There are many famous fashion designers in the world, can you write the name of one here? An example is Calvin Klein.______________________________

Answers to January issue:

  • 1) d
  • 2) Yes
  • 3) b
  • 4) a

A Cook

A cook prepares meals for customers in a restaurant. He knows the nutritional value of foods and designs the ideal menu. He ensures that the safety rules of working in the kitchen are observed.  A cook needs to be clean and fast. He should also be able to work under pressure, especially during peak hours when there are many customers ordering  for food.


1) Which of the following is not considered nutrition of foods?

  1. a) vitamins
  2. b) calcium
  3. c) protein
  4. d) weight


2) Is "No smoking" a safety rule of working in the kitchen?

Yes __

No __


3) Which of the following is usually not found inside a kitchen?

  1. a) chopping board
  2. b) surfboard
  3. c) refrigerator
  4. d) sink


4) Which of the following is the name of a famous cook?

  1. a) Jamie Oliver
  2. b) Boris Johnson
  3. c) Natalie Portman
  4. d) Keira Knightley


Answers to December issue

  • 1) Answers vary. Examples are the Peak and Ocean Park
  • 2) Answers vary
  • 3) English
  • 4) Answers vary. Examples are Japan, Korea and Malaysia



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