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English Space

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A carpenter is someone who constructs and installs wooden structures as a profession.  He is good at measuring, cutting, molding, constructing and installing items such as door frames, floorboards or tiles, wardrobes, tables and worktops etc.  A carpenter possesses good knowledge of different wood types such as oakwood and birchwood.  He should also be strong physically to handle the jobs described above and be well-trained in such techniques as well.  A home space which usually involves lots of woodwork is the kitchen where there are lots of cabinets for storage.


1) A carpenter does his job with various tools.  Which of the following is NOT his tool?

  1.  a) a saw
  2.  b) a hammer
  3.  c) a drill
  4.  d) a frying pan


2) Please write two furniture pieces below which are made of wood.



3) Most houses in Hong Kong are built with bricks or concrete.  Can a house be built with wood?

Yes  ___

No   ___


4) I would like to make a wooden frame for my family photo to put on my desk. What about you? What would you like to make from wood to

put inside your house?



Answers to July issue

1) b: blue

2) Answers vary.  An example is a sofa

3) Answers vary,  An example is the hallway

4) c: Marks & Spencer

Interior Designer

Space is very often a scarce resource in many places.  Making the best use of space and creating indoor spaces functional and beautiful are the main job duties of an interior designer.  An interior designer has to optimize space requirements, shop for the right furniture and select decorative items using various design elements such as colours, textures, shapes, lighting and styles.  Interior designers are aware of the latest trends in design and are well-trained in the processes involved in the creation of a beautifully-design space.


1) Colour is an important element in interior design. There are three primary colours. They are Red, Yellow and ____________.

  1. a) Green
  2. b) Blue
  3. c) Orange
  4. d) Black

2) Can you write three examples of home furniture below?


3) In an ordinary home, there are spaces designed according to their functions. Can you think of two below? An example is the kitchen.


4) Which of the following is NOT the name of a furniture store?

  1. a) IKEA
  2. b) Ulferts
  3. c) Marks & Spencer
  4. d) Home Living


Answers to June issue

1) b: apples  and  d: bananas

2) d: staple

3) a: Butchart Garden

4) Answers vary. Examples are rose and ivy




A gardener is a person who is employed to grow and take care of plants and vegetation in a garden, lawn or public area.  A gardener is very knowledgeable in the growing and maintenance of different types of plants.  Some may also be involved in designing the garden. A gardener is often physically fit and is skilful in using the many different types of tools.


1) Which two of the plants below grow on a tree?

  1. a) tomatoes
  2. b) apples
  3. c) strawberries
  4. d) bananas


2) Which of the following is NOT a garden tool?

  1. a) watering can
  2. b) rake
  3. c) spade
  4. d) staple


3) Which of the following is a famous garden in Canada?

  1. a) Butchart Gardens
  2. b) Victoria Park
  3. c) Kensington Gardens
  4. d) Kyoto Botanical Gardens


4) What is your favourite kind of plant to grow inside your home?


Answers to May issue

1) d : fish and chips

2) c : kiwifruit

3) Yes, there's vitamin K

4) Answers vary




Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. They are well-educated in food science and human health. They provide medical advice and treatments to patients diagnosed with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes or kidney diseases. Dietitians also provide nutritional counselling to the general public and special categories such as sportsmen. One of the most common needs for their advice that many people may have heard of is about eating disorders and overweight problems.


1) Which of the following is NOT regarded as a kind of healthy food?

  1. a) apples
  2. b) nuts
  3. c) lettuce
  4. d) fish and chips


2) Which of the following contains the most vitamin C?

  1. a) beef
  2. b) water
  3. c) kiwifruit
  4. d) egg


3) We've all heard of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C etc. Do you think there's something called vitamin K?

Yes ___

No  ___


4) Please write your favourite food and drinks.

Food: ________________________

Drinks: ______________________

Answers to April issue

1) Examples are Yamaha and Kawai

2) Examples are trumpet and harp

3) a: Chris Botti is a trumpeter

b: Yo-yo Ma us a cellist

4) Answers vary



A pianist is someone who is very well-trained in playing the piano and is professional enough to play in public performances.  Some pianists play in orchestras while some play as individual performers.  A pianist very often play with musicians of other instruments such as a violinist or a cellist. There are international organizations which offer examinations to certify the  standards of piano learners. An example is the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM).


1) Please write an example of a brand name of pianos.


2) Apart from the musical instruments mentioned in the text, can you name two more below?



3) Which two of the persons below are NOT pianists?

  1. a) Chris Botti
  2. b) Yo Yo Ma
  3. c) Lang Lang
  4. d) Yukie Nishimura



4) Who is your favourite pianist or musician?


Answers to March issue

1) Yes

2) Examples are Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic

3) international flights

4) Air Canada


Flight attendants

The first person you see when you get on board a plane is the flight attendant.  Flight attendants greet passengers when they board and exit the plane.  Then they will help passengers find their seats.  They have to serve meals and refreshments to passengers and may need to sell duty-free goods as well.  People may not know that flight attendants have to conduct safety check of the cabin.  Before they can become flight attendants, they have to undergo strict training on in-flight safety and emergency management.


1) Do flight attendants need to wear uniform when they are on duty?

Yes ___

No  ___

2) Please write the names of three different airlines below.





3) There are two types of flights according to the destinations. Domestic flights are flights which fly within a country. For those which fly from one country to another, they are called inter_ _ _ _ _ _ al flights.


4) What is the name of the national airline of Canada?


Answers to February issue

1) Yes

2) c

3) stamps

4) No


Hair stylist

A hair stylist is a person who cuts and designs people's hair style in a professional manner. There are also stylists who specialize in hair and makeup for weddings and performing arts such as movies and plays.

Inside a hair salon, there are usually professional stylists who can create the best hair style for customers. They are well-trained in how to cut and style hair.  Customers tend to visit the same hair stylists so as to make sure that the stylist knows exactly what hair style best suits them.  Most hair stylists have assistants to wash and blow dry customers' hair.


1) Which of the following is NOT an adjective to describe one's hair style?

a) straight

b) wavy

c) curly

d) blonde



2) Can you write two colours of hair below?


3) Which of the following do hair stylists use to cut people's hair with?

a) scissors

b) chopping knife

c) paper cutter

d) nail cutter


4) How frequent do you visit a hair stylist?

Answers to November issue

1) d

2) Answers vary.

3) b

4) Answers vary



A postman delivers letters and parcels to residential and business addresses on a daily basis except Sundays and public holidays.  He has to be very familiar with the names and locations of roads, buildings and even shops. Most of them have to carry heavy bags and walk for long distances. If the weather is bad or if there are too many posts to deliver, then the postman will have a very hard time doing his job.


1) Do postmen wear uniform when they're on duty? If yes, what is the main colour of their uniform in Hong Kong?

Yes ___No ____


2) What is the lowest value of local mail delivery in Hong Kong?

  • a) $5
  • b) $3.5
  • c) $2
  • d) $10
  • e) none of the above
3) To post a letter, what do you need to stick on the top of the right hand corner of the envelope?St_ _ _
4) Do postmen deliver letters or parcels during night time in Hong Kong?
Yes ____No ____
Answers to January issue
  • 1) e
  • 2) a
  • 3) a
  • 4) an example is "Gravity"


Astronauts are regarded as space travellers.  In news, we always see them floating freely in space far from the Earth.  In fact, astronauts need to perform various duties in a space mission.  They have to pilot a spacecraft and conduct scientific experiments.  However, working in space is not always fun.  It can be dangerous due to long-term exposure to radiation and isolation from normal human living environments.  Moreover, if there is an accident, astronauts have to solve the problem themselves out in space!


1) Which of the following is not the name of the eight planets?

a) Mercury

b) Jupiter

c) Neptune

d) Earth

e) Moon


2) Which of the following was the first man who walked on the Moon?

a) Neil Armstrong

b) John Glenn

c) Donald Trump

d) Joe Biden


3) Are there any female astronauts?

a) Yes

b) No


4) Can you write the name of a movie with the theme of a space adventure?

Answers to December issue

1) d

2) examples are black and brown

3) a

4) answers vary


Dentists are qualified medical practitioners who provide advice and treatments to patients about their teeth.  A dentist fixes problems with teeth and gum.  He fills cavities, gives dental fillings, pulls teeth and fixes broken teeth. He also cleans teeth and gives advice on how to take care of them properly.  A dentist needs a dental assistant to help him perform his job efficiently and effectively.
1) Which TWO of the following are usually NOT the job of a dentist in his dental office or clinic?
  1. a) check-up of teeth and gum
  2. b) take X-rays of teeth
  3. c) advise patients for further treatment
  4. d) keep track records of patients
_________ and _________
2) Normally, how many teeth does a healthy adult have?
3) Which of the following is a commercial product for cleaning your teeth?
  1. a) water
  2. b) hairbrush
  3. c) dental floss
  4. d) gloves
4) When did you last visit a dentist?_________________
Answers to September issue
1) Four styles: breast strokes, butterfly strokes, back strokes and  freestyle
2) c
3) Yes
4) d

Bookshop assistant


God blessed them...Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”(Genesis 1:28)

A bookshop assistant helps the owner or manager in the day-to-day running of the bookshop.  He helps in the purchase of new publications and products including magazines , stationery and souvenirs. He answers enquiries about prices, stock availability, new arrivals, or even recommendations. He has to be good at display and stock control, too. And most importantly, he should best be a book lover in order to be passionate about his job.


1) Apart from books and magazines, can you write two more things that you can buy in a bookshop?



2) Which of the following is not the name of a bookshop ( not limited to Hong Kong)?

  1. a) Indigo
  2. b) Waterstones
  3. c) Amazon
  4. d) H&M



3) Can a bookshop assistant help customers to copy a whole book in the shop?

Yes or No: _________


4) What is the name of the book or magazine that you last bought at a bookshop?



Answers to July issue

1) writer

2) a

3) An example is electronic publishing

4) c and d






“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is My disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”   (Matthew 10:42)


Every restaurant needs waiters to provide services to customers.  A waiter has to handle reservations, take and follow up on orders, delivers food and drinks, and handle payments of customers.  Most waiters need to wear uniform when they are on duty.  There are many kinds of restaurants which have different service requirements, but most need their waiters to be clean, polite, patient and hardworking.  They also have to be especially efficient during peak hours of the day.



1) What do we call a female waiter?

w_ _t_ _ _ s


2) Another way of saying "food and drink" is "food and _______"

  1. a) wine
  2. b) cake
  3. c) soup
  4. d) beverages


3) Apart from Chinese restaurants, can you name one more type of restaurants?



4) Which of the following is NOT a job duty of a waiter?

  1. a)  recommend customers on what to order
  2. b) carry trays
  3. c) dance with customers
  4. d) clean up the tables


Answers to May issue

1) participating

2) An example is the water park

3) a) baton

4) Yes




...beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand... (Matthew 14:30-31)

......將要沉下去、便喊著說、主阿、救我。耶穌趕緊伸手......《馬太福音十四章30-31 節》

A lifeguard looks after the safety of people who are participating in water sports or playing games inside or around a defined area such as a beach, a lake or a swimming pool.  A lifeguard is well-trained in carrying out rescues and giving first aid when there are accidents.  However, it is important for lifeguards to anticipate problems or dangers and prevent them from happening in the first place.


1) Please find a word in the text which means "taking place".


2) Apart from beaches, lakes and swimming pools, can you write another area where you need lifeguards?


3) Which of the following is not an equipment a lifeguard uses on duty?

  1. a)  baton
  2. b)  whistle
  3. c)  first aid kit
  4. d)  rescue board


4) Do lifeguards need a relevant license?


Answers to April issue

1) Examples are whales, sharks and turtles

2) Examples are donkeys and horses

3) operation

4) Answers vary. An example is shiba inu (a Japanese dog). It is cute.





「各人要照所得的恩賜彼此服事,作神百般恩賜的好管 家。」《彼得前書4章10節》
“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”(1 Peter 4:10)


Librarians manage the day-to-day running of the library which may be inside schools or in the community.  Librarians choose books and other publications for readers.  They categorize them and assist individuals in locating these materials and resources.  They need to be very knowledgeable in what is appropriate and available for them to purchase for the readers.


1)  Apart from books, can you name one more material you can find in a library?



2) Which of the following words means "locating" in the text?

  1. a) throwing
  2. b) buying
  3. c) finding
  4. d) copying



3) Can you complete the following word which means "appropriate" in the text?

S _ _ t _ _ le


4) Please write the name of the book which you last borrowed from the library?



Answers to the February issue

1) d

2) a

3) Examples are movies and operas

4) Examples are Donna Karen and Tommy Hilfiger



Fashion Designer


「我 們 因 著 信 、 就 知 道 諸 世 界 是 藉   神 話 造 成 的 . 這 樣 、 所 看 見 的 、 並 不 是 從 顯 然 之 物 造 出 來 的 。」《希伯來書11:3》

“By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” (Hebrews 11:3)

Fashion designers design trendy and beautiful clothes for people.  They need to be update in fashion trends and be creative. They may work in companies or as freelance designers.  Some fashion designers design clothes for concerts and special performances.  They may also participate in fashion shows.


1) Which of the following do fashion designers not design?

a) shirts

b) formal suits

c) wedding dresses

d) shoes_____________________________

2) What is the meaning of "freelance" in the text?

a) self-employed

b) highly-paid

c) senior

d) retired ______________________________

3) Some fashion designers work for special performances, such as a drama. Can you name one more example of such performances?______________________________

4) There are many famous fashion designers in the world, can you write the name of one here? An example is Calvin Klein.______________________________

Answers to January issue:

  • 1) d
  • 2) Yes
  • 3) b
  • 4) a

A Cook

A cook prepares meals for customers in a restaurant. He knows the nutritional value of foods and designs the ideal menu. He ensures that the safety rules of working in the kitchen are observed.  A cook needs to be clean and fast. He should also be able to work under pressure, especially during peak hours when there are many customers ordering  for food.


1) Which of the following is not considered nutrition of foods?

  1. a) vitamins
  2. b) calcium
  3. c) protein
  4. d) weight


2) Is "No smoking" a safety rule of working in the kitchen?

Yes __

No __


3) Which of the following is usually not found inside a kitchen?

  1. a) chopping board
  2. b) surfboard
  3. c) refrigerator
  4. d) sink


4) Which of the following is the name of a famous cook?

  1. a) Jamie Oliver
  2. b) Boris Johnson
  3. c) Natalie Portman
  4. d) Keira Knightley


Answers to December issue

  • 1) Answers vary. Examples are the Peak and Ocean Park
  • 2) Answers vary
  • 3) English
  • 4) Answers vary. Examples are Japan, Korea and Malaysia



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